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“Take out”. “Delivery”. “Curbside”. “Ordering out”. “Ordering in”.

We all know what those terms refer to.

Instead of cooking last night, I ordered in. This has been a killer week between year end projects at work, my birthday, not feeling well and preparing for a trip to Nashville next week. So I decided that last night we would bring food in instead of cooking.
I generally do this twice a week: Once during the week and then again on Sunday night (chinese food. It’s a bit of a tradition).

We each got a salad (a chicken caesar and a greek salad with chicken) and I ordered a large pizza with roasted red peppers, onions and feta. It was good. Way better than Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s, insert other chain fast food pizza place, etc…Sure it’s a strange and unexpected little place, but maybe that’s why we get along so well.

Some facts about Mangino’s:

  1. It’s run out of a gas station at the corner of 355 and 188 in Germantown, MD.
  2. They indeed are some sort of chain or franchise (though it doesn’t seem like it).
  3. they have the best pizza by delivery in my immediate area (though, they may have some competition soon from this place what I hear).

As you can see it is a little hole in the wall. Nothing glitzy here. It is, at best, a functional space (though having witnessed the cramped working conditions behind the counter, I wonder…). However, I find that this is the place I want to order from. The same people answer the phone when I call and the product is almost always consistent.

 Consistency. This is incredibly important to me. When I pay someone else for food I want to know what I am getting. Too many places have lost sight of this idea. With incredibly fast turnover in staff I understand how any cookie cutter restaurant would struggle with consistency. That said, I need the dependability of people who really care about what they are doing. People who make money by making food, and not make food to make money (semantics, perhaps? not in my head).

So this is the first post about local restaurants. There are many more to come. I’d love to hear about your favorite spots wherever you are at. Be it a sit down steak house, a deli, a burger joint, or even an old school ice cream shop I want to hear about them all!


p.s. Please don’t read me as a “chain restaurant hater”, because I’m really not. For me the equation is simple: consistent quality + an appropriate price point – a loyal customer in me.