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Given the name of this blog I figured I should probably write a bit about garlic. Big surprise. I doubt that everything here will be about garlic…that would be silly. But since it does factor so heavily into my own cooking it can’t be avoided either.


Garlic is incredibly versatile. Mince it, slice it, press it, roast it, fry it, make it into a powder…In each application it takes on a different personality. From harsh to sweet; bold to subtle; garlic masters each shade of taste depending on how you use it.
I mean, other than fresh-baked cookies does anything smell better than freshly minced garlic sautéing in a little bit of hot oil? It’s a “pick me up” when I’m tired, and a comfort when I am in a bad mood. *ending melodrama here*

I didn’t grow up eating garlic. I know, I know…it’s terrible. Thankfully, my then girlfriend (now wife) had the nerve to cook for me and introduce me to the joy of garlic. I took that baton and am still running with it. My twenties were spent challenging my palate and trying to new things. I am sure that most people go through a similar thing. It’s fairly empowering to expose yourself to new flavors and culinary experiences (especially when you grow up in a limited environment).

How often do I use garlic? Pretty much every time I cook. That’s not surprising for anyone who cooks. I know I’m not making some outrageous statement. We probably go through 5 or 6 heads of garlic a week depending on how much cooking we do. For instance: This last weekend was Christmas. I made my roasted garlic mashed potatoes (serving 9 people so roughly 11 or 12 red skin potatoes. There have to be leftovers, people!!). I mean, what’s more Christmasy than roasted garlic mashed potatoes?? I digress… I roasted roughly 40 medium cloves of garlic. Even the people who “don’t like garlic” liked these potatoes.

I think the only thing I get tired of is peeling the garlic. I’ve got it down to a science at this point, but at the end of the day I still have fat fingers that make it harder, but that is a small sacrifice to make.